Top Rankings

(Minimum 100 Correct Words & 90% Accuracy required to get Ranking.)

Rank Name Net Words Per Minute Correct Words Incorrect Words Accuracy
1 Kiko 120 118 3 97%
2 Lobo 54 156 5 96%
3 kamko 50 251 3 98%
4 kamkoTOPsk 47 234 8 96%
5 maroško > kamko 43 216 14 93%
6 sophie 40 117 10 92%
7 Plechovka 39 196 13 93%
8 nibeta 39 114 7 94%
9 petkopelko 38 185 12 93%
10 kamilos je lepší 36 179 13 93%
11 Tatiana 35 353 10 97%
12 kubik 33 162 7 95%

(Anonymous/Spam/Repetitive names with lower NWPM will be excluded.)

Online Slovak Typing Test ( slovenský typizačný test )

Slovak is an official language of Slovakia. About 5 million people speaks Slovak language as their native language. It is also one of the 24 Official languages of European Union. The Slovak language is a West Slavic Language. This is the Best and Advance Online Slovak Typing Test provided by, here you can do regular typing practice on daily basis which will help you to easily Increase and improve your typing speed WPM (Words Per Minute), NWPM (Net Words Per Minute) & Accuracy.

  • Just Open “Typing Test” on our website and select Slovak Typing Test.

  • In few seconds a dialogue box will popup in which you have to “enter your name” type the same name which you want to show up in our “Top Ranking List” if you get Higher “NWPM” (Net Words Per Minutes) with Higher “Correct Words”.

  • Select “Number of Words” By Default “Random Words” are available which contains 1000 common Slovak language words.

  • Select “Time” this option gives you liberty of selecting your Typing Test Time, choose how much time you want to spend on typing. You can select from 1 minute to unlimited timer.

  • After you have selected everything then press “Continue” button and website will generate a text which you have to type. As soon as you press any button to type the highlighted text, countdown timer will start automatically.

Slovak Font

We use popular Slovak Unicode Font.

Some Slovak Typing Test Terms

  • Correct Words: These includes the words which user has type accurately.

  • Incorrect Words: These are those words which user has misspelled and typed wrongly.

  • Total Words: Correct Words + Incorrect Words = Total Words

  • Keystrokes: Total number of Times key pressed while typing including spacebar.

  • Accuracy: Percentage % of Correct Words in Total Words typed by the user.

  • Time Elapsed: This shows Total amount of Time spend by the user on Typing Test.

  • Gross Words Per Minute (GWPM): Total Words Typed / Time (minutes), This shows typing speed of a person and how fast he or she can type words per minute.

  • Net Words Per Minute (NWPM): Gross Words Per Minute – (Incorrect Words / Time), This shows typing speed of a person and how fast he or she can type words accurately per minute.

Basic difference between GWPM and NWPM is Gross Words Per Minute shows the Overall Typing Speed of a person including correct and incorrect words and Net Words Per Minute shows typing speed of a person with correct and accurate words in addition it penalizes users for incorrect and wrong words.