Bijoy to Unicode Converter

Bijoy Font To Unicode Converter

This section of our website belongs to users who write Bangla in Bijoy True Type Font. Bijoy Font is one of the most popular font among Bangla users. Here you can easily type or paste your text materials written in Bijoy Font and then our online software will convert it into Unicode Font.

What is Bijoy Font

Bijoy font family belongs to True Type font category, means it is non-Unicode where you use Latin alphabets to generate Bangla characters with your keyboard. And without installing Bijoy font on your personal computer you can’t see script written in this font. Bijoy Font is created by Mustafa Jabbar in 2009. Bangla is the official language of Bangladesh. It is also known as Bengali in India. This is widely spoken language in worldwide with 230 million Native speakers. And Bijoy Font Converter is one of the major tools used by Bengali press, newspapers and media.

How To Use Bijoy to Unicode Font Converter

In this you can copy paste or write your whole passage into “ Bijoy Text Box ” and then Press " Convert to Unicode " Button, after pressing it you will see a new text box will appear below with your text material converted into Unicode Font Format. You can use " Reset " Button if you want to convert another text and then repeat the process. You can copy, print or even download it as word document on your PC.