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This section of our website belongs to users who write Nepali in Unicode Font. Characters available on the internet are typically not directly copyable to desktop applications such as pagemaker or Word. A clever attempt to replicate the text could result in a string of meaningless character blocks. This is due to the fact that the web uses a distinct encoding scheme called Unicode to represent the characters. Unicode is ideal for web publications since it is compatible with all web browsers. The first step in making Unicode editable or copyable is to create a basic mapping from Unicode characters to ASCII characters using the Preeti typeface. And here's a link to my "Preeti" mapping programme, which converts unicode to devnagari font. Here you can easily type or paste your text materials written in Nepali Font and then our online software will convert it into traditional Preeti Font. Be sure to install Nepali Preeti Font into your Operating System because without it you will not able to see the Nepali Text.

How To Use

In this you can copy paste your whole passage at a time into “ Unicode Text Box ” and then Press " Convert to Preeti " Button, after pressing it you will see a new text box will appear below with your text material converted into Preeti Font Format. You can use " Reset " Button if you want to convert another text and then repeat the process.

Preeti Font

The Preeti font was one of the earliest computer fonts created for Nepali. Ajay Mishra (1952-2011 AD), son of Bhadrakali Mishra, designed and built it (1920-2006 AD). Preeti Font's metadata indicates that it was created in 1993 AD with the font modification software Fontographer 3.5. Since then, it has been widely adopted by typists in a variety of industries, including government, legal, publishing, and the media. It has become the most popular Nepali typeface. A typeface is a collection of letters that are of the same size, pitch, and spacing. It has the goal of preserving the universality of how typefaces are rendered digitally across devices. Preeti Font is one of these fonts.