Korean Voice Typing (Speech To Text)

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Online Korean Voice Typing (Speech to Text)

This is the best and easy to use free online Korean voice typing software. In Korean Speech to text recognition system spoken voice of the user is recognized and then translated into Korean text. That is why it is also known as Korean Voice Typing.

Convert Korean Speech into Text (Voice Typing)

Here you have to use desktop Chrome browser with proper internet connection and connect your microphone with the computer. Microphone should be of good quality and placed near to your mouth.

Then just click on the microphone button available above the text box and speak slowly and clearly. You will see whatever you are speaking is automatically get recognized by the software and written in the text box. 

Software converts your voice in digital codes which will be matched with the pre-set characters, words and sentences within the system in nano seconds. Hence you get the almost exactly same text output which you had spoken.

That’s why this speech to text is also called voice typing and as well as dictation typing.

This kind of speech recognition software is immensely important to anyone who needs to create a lot of written content without a lot of manual typing. It is also helpful for people with disabilities that make it difficult for them to use a keyboard.

From the technology viewpoint, speech to text recognition has a long history with several major innovations. The field has gained from AI in Big Data & Deep Learning.

You can perform copy, print, delete, download as MS word file or send it to another person via Gmail according to your requirement.