English to Punjabi Typing

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Online English To Punjabi Typing

This section of our website hindityping.info is dedicated for free Online English to Punjabi Typing. Here you can write in English and it will automatically get converted or transliterated into Punjabi Language. Punjabi Language is written in two kind of Scripts Gurmukhi & Shahmukhi, here we use Gurmukhi script to transliterate. Punjabi is spoken around by 100 Million native speakers in the Indian Subcontinent. Punjabi is the 11th most widely spoken language in India.

For Example, if you type "Dhanwaad" in Punjabi Conversion box it will be changed automatically to "ਧੰਨਵਾਦ" after pressing "space bar".

If you type " | " pipe (Shift + \ Key) in Punjabi Conversion box it will give " । " (ਪੂਰਨ ਵਿਰਾਮ) .

Word & Character Suggestions

You can also change between Word Suggestions & Character Suggestions. In word suggestions mode you will get suggestion when you type whole word and release space bar but in character suggestions you will start getting suggestions the moment you start Punjabi typing.

Save as Text & Doc File

You can also download whatever you have typed on your pc as a notepad text file or word document file by simply clicking the button below Punjabi text area.

Send Via Gmail

Send email in Punjabi Instantly.

About Punjabi Language

Punjabi is an Indo-Aryan language spoken by people in the Punjab region of India and Pakistan. Punjabi can be classified into two groups. Western Punjabi and Eastern Punjabi are the two classifications. Saraiki, Potwari, and Hindko are the three subgroups of Western Punjabi. Later, these were almost counted as different languages. Eastern Punjabi has remained autonomous and is now known as Punjabi. Punjabi is the official language of the Indian state of Punjab. The name 'Punjabi' refers to a land that is surrounded by five bodies of water. The word has Persian origins. It refers to the Indus River's five major eastern tributaries. Punjabi is the primary language spoken by the Sikh community.

In India, there are over thirty million Punjabi speakers. Punjabi is descended from Saurasheni Prakrit, which was the primary language spoken in mediaeval Northern India. The Punjab region was divided between Pakistan and India after India's division. Punjab was an Indian state that comprised Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. Punjabi is also spoken as a minority language in a number of other countries, including the United States of America, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom, where Punjabis have migrated in great numbers.

History Punjabi can be traced back to the ninth century A.D. as an autonomous language. In the ninth century, the works of Nath Yogis, Gorakshanath, and Charpatnath include the earliest traces of Punjabi. Internal strife in Punjab harmed the growth and development of the Punjabi language, as well as its literary masterpieces. Guru Nanak, the founder of the Sikh religion, lived between 1469 and 1539 and gave the Punjabi language a fresh lease on life. Arjun Dev, the fifth Guru, compiled the Sikh text, the 'Adi Grantha' or 'Grantha Saheb' in Punjabi, between 1563 and 1606. The Punjabi language was used by Hindu and Sikh writers during the Middle Ages.