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Maximum 2100 Characters Per Translation |English To Hindi

What is Online Hindi to English Translator? Online Hindi to English Translation Tool is based on Google's translating system, here you can convert Hindi to English language and also English to Hindi easily as well as quickly. This tool is made for the ease of our users specially who wants to know the meaning of Hindi words in English or translate other world's language into English. This online free software uses latest Google’s translation api to translate Hindi into English. Since google has best translation system you will get the words translated as accurate as it can be possible. Hence this is one of the Best, Advance & Powerful Hindi To English Conversion tool available online.

How to do Online Hindi to English Translation

It is very easy and simple you just have to write your Hindi words or paragraph's in "Input Language text box" and then press the translate button and in few seconds your Hindi words or whole passage will be translated into English in another box known as "Output Box". From second box you can copy all your text material and use it anywhere. There is a limit of 2500 Characters per translation to avoid spamming or system misuse. If you want to translate larger paragraphs then repeat the translation process in parts more time. For example if u write " प्यार " in Hindi (input text box) then it will be translated as "Love" in English (Output Box).

Some Common Hindi to English Translations

Importance of English Language in India

Since English is the major language across the globe, this makes it a universal and one of the most important language as well. Officially English is the language of 53 countries and spoken by more than 400 million people. One of the most common second language in the world. British Govt. brought their language in India. Now a day’s English language is acceptable across all over India be it South India or North India. All states people like Malayali, Kannada, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Bengali also speak English alongside their mother tongue. Many countries including Russia, Japan & China who have always neglected English have today accepted its importance. In fact, in today’s world no other country can survive by obliterating English Language completely.

In India, English has become a great medium of instruction for schools & universities. For Higher education like medical, engineering there are enormous amount of literature available. This is not easy to find in any other regional language. Now a days even middle-class student competes for education in International foreign universities. English is more important than any other language for a good placement in private, multinational sectors but also in Government jobs. Proficiency in English is the reflection of class of education. Although learning English language seems difficult but we can see it is also very valuable to learn it and it opens many opportunities.

Importance of Hindi Language in India

Hindi language is mother tongue for many Indians. Majority of North Indians Knows and speaks Hindi. Hindi is our National Language as well as major communicating language for North Indians. Since millions of people in India still doesn’t know Hindi hence English is seen as associating language for the communication between those who doesn’t understand or know Hindi. More importance is not given to learning of Hindi language because it is considered less valuable in front of English, Since English literatures rules in Business, Administration as well as Science and technology. Some people think that we need to discourage English and should raise the status of Hindi language. We should use more Hindi language unofficially as well as officially, Since English language has totally replaced the Hindi language even in government offices. There is no problem in learning English language because of its International importance but Hindi language should also be used and should not be replaced completely.