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What is Punjabi Raavi Inscript Layout?

Inscript Keyboard short form for “Indic Script” layout is standard keyboard layout for Indian scripts using a standard 104 or 105 key.

This keyboard layout was standardized and developed by the Government of India for inputting text in languages of India, this is the standard keyboard for 12 Indian scripts including Devanagari, Gurmukhi, Bengali , Gujarati, Kannada , Malayalam , Odia , Tamil and Telugu among others. This Inscript Keyboard Layout can be found inbuilt on major operating systems including Windows, Mac & Linux.

What is Raavi Punjabi Font?

Raavi unicode characters are not like Shahmukhi. It is an Indic Inscript modified characters known as Gurmukhi used by Indian Sikhs. Raavi unicode fonts are widely used to type Punjabi Language.

About Punjabi Typing Test (Inscript)

We use Punjabi Raavi Unicode Font in this typing test. Our Typing Test is very advance, free & easy to use. It Includes random text so every time you get new set of typing material. Just Type your name, choose number of Words & Select Time Limit. When you will finish typing or stopped the test you will see your number of Correct, Incorrect Words, Keystrokes, Accuracy, Words per minutes and total time elapsed.

How to Type

Mangal_ keyboard

For Example:

To Type “ ਔ “ Press “ Shift Key + q ”

To Type “ ੌ “ Press “ letter q only ”