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English Typing Test

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What is English Typing Test?

English Typing Test tool is one of the features of our website to improve your English typing speed. Anyone who is learning to type in Hindi script should also have good typing speed in English with great accuracy and words per minute because English is the need of this modern time. English typing test is basically a free typing tool on our website with its easy to understand and clean look.

How to Use It?

Enter your name, Select the number of words you want to give the test of i.e. 200, 500 or 1000 then select the time limit, you can select from 1 min to unlimited time period depends on how much expert are you in typing. The moment you start typing time counter will also start with it until you finish the test or stop it. You will see the number of Correct words, Incorrect Words, Accuracy, Keystrokes, Words per minute, Total time elapsed as a result.