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Top Rankings

(Minimum 100 Correct Words & 90% Accuracy required to get Ranking.)
Rank Name Net Words Per Minute Correct Words Incorrect Words Accuracy
1 Lefteris 81 184 10 94%
2 YasirNawazBuzdar 76 378 36 91%
3 sakshi gale 71 705 30 95%
4 CSR ATEEQ SGD 71 354 12 96%
5 Vinay 70 706 25 96%
6 Shashi Kumar H S 67 140 2 98%
7 Ksantosh 66 212 0 100%
8 Mehar Ali Bugti 66 196 12 94%
9 NITISH KUMAR 66 132 1 99%
10 salman khan 65 342 20 94%
11 Shashi Chikmagalur 65 121 6 95%
12 Kiran Phad 52 242 5 97%
(Anonymous/Spam/Repetitive names with lower NWPM will be excluded.)
Online English Typing Test

In today's fast-paced digital world, the ability to type quickly and accurately is more important than ever. Whether you're a student, a professional, or just someone looking to improve your typing skills, the advanced online English typing test offered by is the perfect solution for you. With a host of cutting-edge features, including typing tests with the 1000 most common random words, multiple stories, and customizable time limits, you can take your typing skills to the next level and generate a scorecard to showcase your proficiency.

One of the standout features of's online English typing test is the ability to type in the 1000 most common random words. This unique test allows you to practice typing with a diverse range of vocabulary, helping you become more familiar with the English language and improve your overall typing speed and accuracy. By regularly practicing with this feature, you'll be able to type faster and more accurately in any situation.

To make your typing practice more engaging and realistic, This typing speed test offers multiple stories for you to type. This feature allows you to practice typing in a more natural and context-rich environment, helping you develop better typing habits and improve your overall typing speed. With a variety of stories to choose from, you'll never get bored with your typing practice.

Whether you want to practice for just one minute, two minutes, three minutes, five minutes, ten minutes, fifteen minutes, or even an unlimited time, you can tailor your practice sessions to fit your schedule and goals. This flexibility ensures that you can make the most of your typing practice and improve your skills at your own pace.

Generate a Score Card as a Proof of Your Typing Speed: you can generate a scorecard that serves as a proof of your typing speed. This scorecard provides valuable information, such as your typing speed in words per minute (WPM), your accuracy percentage, and the number of correct and incorrect words typed. You can use this scorecard to track your progress and share your achievements with others, making it a valuable tool for personal and professional development.

Analyze Your Performance with Detailed Statistics: Advanced online English typing test also provides detailed statistics about your performance. These statistics include your gross words per minute (GWPM), net words per minute (NWPM), and accuracy. By analyzing these statistics, you can identify areas for improvement and focus your practice sessions on specific aspects of your typing skills.

Use Custom Passages for a Personalized Typing Experience: You can use custom passages for your typing tests, providing a personalized and tailored experience. This feature enables you to practice typing with content that is relevant to your interests or profession, helping you become a more efficient and effective typist.

Back Space Key Enable & Disable Mode: This setting is specially for those who makes a lot of mistakes and use backspace more than enough while giving typing test exams. When you disable backspace key this mean you are no longer able to correct your mistakes while giving typing test exam even if you misspelled even a character. Hence forcing yourself to type more correctly and accurately. This will help you to gain higher accuracy and speed in long run.

Show Incorrect words: When Typing Test completes you will see this button appearing. This will show your all wrongly typed words during a test time. So, you can practise them again and make no mistake in future. You can also copy or download all the incorrect words as a txt file.

English Typing Test Certificate: We are proud to announce that our website now also gives you a proof of your typing speed by issuing a certificate which are verifiable with its unique certificate number on our website. You can click on the Get English typing test button which is appearing above a typing test app. Minimum Criteria for getting a typing test certificate is 28 net words per minute, 90% accuracy and 5 minutes of typing test.

Increase Net Words per Minute: The first stage is to teach yourself to type without looking at a keyboard. If you're a typist who doesn't know how to touch type, you're seriously lacking in some skills that are preventing you from reaching full speed. You neck back become round by staring at the keyboard over and over. Also, your speed will not go more than 30 wpm if u constantly look at the keyboard while typing, start typing without looking at your English Keyboard. This will save a significant amount of time. It may be difficult for you to sit at a computer for more than a few minutes to practise English typing. But, believe me when I say that practise is indeed the vital. It will improve your muscle memory for finding Character keys in the appropriate place on keyboard automatically. Simply increasing the time limit to 20 minutes and beginning to type on a daily basis will enable you to outperform your competitors.

Some Typing Test Terms

Correct Words: These includes the words which user has type accurately.

Incorrect Words: These are those words which user has misspelled and typed wrongly.

Total Words: Correct Words + Incorrect Words = Total Words.

Keystrokes: Total number of Times key pressed while typing including spacebar.

Accuracy: Percentage % of Correct Words in Total Words typed by the user.

Error Rate: This is opposite of accuracy which means it is a Percentage % of Incorrect Words which is also called Error Words in Total Words typed by the user.

Time Taken: This shows Total amount of Time spend by the user on Typing Test.

Difference between Gross words per minute and Net words per minute

Gross Words Per Minute (GWPM): Total Words Typed ÷ Time (minutes), This shows typing speed of a person and how fast person can type words per minute.

Net Words Per Minute (NWPM): Gross Words Per Minute – (Incorrect Words ÷ Time (minutes)), This shows typing speed of a person and how fast person can type words accurately per minute.

Basic difference between GWPM and NWPM is Gross Words Per Minute shows the Overall Typing Speed of a person including correct and incorrect words and Net Words Per Minute shows typing speed of a person with correct and accurate words in addition it penalizes users for incorrect and wrong words.

Conclusion: Our online English typing test is absolutely free and the perfect tool for anyone looking to improve their typing skills with different typing lessons. With its cutting-edge features, such as the 1000 most common random words test, multiple stories, customizable time limits, and detailed performance statistics, you can take your typing skills to the next level and generate a scorecard to showcase your proficiency. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your typing potential with today!