Online Armenian Keyboard (Phonetic)

Armenian Phonetic Keyboard
Armenian Keyboard Phonetic (հայկական ստեղնաշար)

Armenian is an official language of Armenia. About 3 million people speaks Armenian language as their native language. The Armenian Language is Indo- European language. It is written in its own language system; Armenian language has its own alphabets introduced in 405 AD by the priest Mesrop Mashtots. This is the Best and Advance Online Armenian Typing Keyboard provided by

This is Online Armenian Typing Tool Editor of our website specially designed for those users who already know how to type in Unicode Armenian (Phonetic) Keyboard Layout.

This is kind of online notepad text editor for Armenian typist. Here you don't need to Install Armenian Fonts or Enable Armenian Keyboard on your Windows PC. You will directly type into Armenian Unicode Font on our Free Online Armenian Typing Tool Editor.

After that you can easily "Copy, Print or Download your Typed text" into Text Format File. We have also Implemented "Show Keyboard Layout Button" for those who are new learner and often get confused with Armenian Keyboard Layout Format while typing will get help and benefit from it. Once you get used to Armenian typing you don't need to see any onscreen keyboard layout.