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This area of our website is for those who wish to easily and for free convert Hindi into Braille Script Font. Your text documents written in Devanagri Font can be readily typed or pasted here, and our online software will convert them into Braille Font.

What is Braille Script

Raised dots are used as the letters of the alphabet in the Braille system of touch reading and writing for the blind. Additionally, it offers symbols to represent letter groupings and contains analogues for punctuation marks. To read Braille, move one or more hands along each line from left to right. The index fingers are typically used for reading, which typically requires both hands. A reading speed of 125 words per minute is considered to be ordinary. Greater rates—up to 200 words per minute are nevertheless feasible. People who are blind can review and learn the written word by using the braille alphabet. Additionally, they can learn about various writing patterns like spelling, grammar, paragraphing, and footnotes.

Bharati Braille Script

The unified braille standard for the Indian languages is called Bharati braille, often known as Bharatiya braille or Indian braille. Bharati braille allows for the writing of all significant Indian languages. Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka have all embraced this standard. Punjabi (Gurmukhi), Urdu, Hindi, Sanskrit (Devanagari), Gujarati, Bengali, Oriya, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam, and Tamil can all be written in braille using Bharati braille. In addition, the Bangla braille used in Bangladesh and India differs significantly. Bharati braille is quite similar to English braille and is based on the 6-dot braille alphabet. In Bharati braille, vowel diacritics are absent. Vowels are represented by complete letters.