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Online English To Tigrinya Typing

This section of our website hindityping.info is dedicated for free Online English to Tigrinya Typing (русская печать). Here you can write in English and it will automatically get converted or transliterated into Tigrinya Language.

About Tigrinya Language

A Semitic language, tigrinya is spoken in northern Ethiopia in the Tigray Region as well as in Eritrea. One of Eritrea's nine official languages is tigrinya. It was one of Eritrea's official languages during the brief federation with Ethiopia, along with Arabic (1952-1962). Amharic was established as an official language by the Ethiopian imperial government at the same time as Tigrinya and Arabic were legally supplanted when Ethiopia formally acquired Eritrea in 1962. Eritrea formally proclaimed its independence in a vote in 1993. The use of Tigrinya as a working language has been restored.

The Coptic Orthodox and Catholic Churches use Geez, a language with a relatively restricted use, as the basis for Tigrinya's 32-letter alphabet. Tigrinya is written from left to right, just like English. The Tigrinya alphabet may appear challenging, yet pronunciation is easy and uncomplicated because phonetic symbols closely mirror actual pronunciation.

Dabtera Matewos' translation of the Four Gospels was the first piece of literature in Tigrinya to be printed. Isenberg in Basle, Switzerland, published it in 1866 after it was composed in the 1830s. The Tigrinya name for this phrase is . Due to the Tigrinya language's first appearance in a book and in a complete Ge'ez script, this work is extremely important.