Online English To Hindi Translation

Maximum 2100 Characters Per Translation |Hindi To English

What is Online English to Hindi Translator?

This Online English to Hindi Translation App works on Google’s translation system, in this English To Hindi Translating tool you can straightforward convert any English Text Material into Hindi Language smoothly and quickly. It provides the closest possible best translation for many languages. This is the Best, Advance & Powerful English To Hindi Conversion Tool available online. This English To Hindi Conversion Tool is absolutely free and you can translate as many words/paragraphs as you wish but up to 2500 characters each time / per translation. This has been done to protect the system from overloading and spam.

How to do English to Hindi and Hindi to English Translation

In this online software you have to just select the language of input box and paste the same language material into it then select the language of output box and press the translate button. By this process you can easily translate English to Hindi as well as from Hindi to English. For Example if you want to Translate “I love you so much” into Hindi then write the text into Input Box make sure English is selected as default language in it and then press translate button after selecting Hindi for output box and you will get translation as “ मैं तुमसे बहुत प्यार करता हु “.

Necessity of English Language in India

English is the important language across the countries in the world. This made English Language universal and one of the most crucial language above all other languages in the world. Officially it is the language of 53 countries and spoken by more than 400 million people. One of the most second language in the world is English. Britishers introduce their language in India. Presently English language is admissible all over India equally either South India or North India. Population of all states speaks English along with their Native Mother tongue. Major Countries Like Russia, Japan & China who abandoned English Language also accepted it’s Importance & Necessity.

In India, English is an important medium of instruction for schools & Universities. For High Education like engineering & Medical there are huge number of books available in English this is not easy to find in any other languages. Benefits of English language is that now even middle-class student contend for education in foreign universities.

Importance of Hindi in India

Hindi language is native language for many People in India. Most of North Indian State knows and speaks Hindi Language but most of the South Indian population of India still doesn’t knows Hindi. More priority is not given for learning Hindi language because it is considered less valuable in front of English. There is no harm in learning English Language because it is necessity in today’s world but we should also learn Hindi language and make use of it.