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Hindi Typing Test - Kruti Dev (Remington Gail)

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Remington_ keyboard

Top Rankings

Rank Name Net Words Per Minute Correct Words Incorrect Words Accuracy
1 Vikas 61 61 4 93%
2 jai 58 294 28 91%
3 yogesh 58 58 1 98%
4 deepa 57 57 6 90%
5 jai 56 277 27 91%
6 dfgsdfgfd 55 273 16 94%
7 Anonymous 55 55 8 87%
8 pradeep 53 53 4 92%
9 kamal yadav 52 256 37 87%
10 kamal yadav 51 253 21 92%
11 lalit 51 51 0 100%
12 gt 49 487 11 97%

What is Online Hindi Typing Test in Remington Gail Layout?

This online Hindi Typing Test Tool uses Remington Gail Keyboard Layout Popularly known as "Typewriter" layout often used as a way to write Devanagari Scripts such as Hindi, Sanskrit, Bhojpuri etc. This is a very common and popular way of writing Hindi Scripts and basically there are two kinds of Popular Hindi Fonts:

Mangal is also known as Unicode font. While Kruti Dev or DevLys Font uses English characters and Remington Gail Keyboard layout to type Hindi scripts. This Means if u don’t have Kruti dev font installed on your system then instead of Hindi letters you will see meaningless English character codes. You can also easily convert Kruti Dev text into Mangal Unicode Format with our online Mangal to Kruti dev converter tool.

Remington & Inscript both are keyboard layouts don't confuse it with fonts. Many Indian Government Institutions wants you to type in Unicode / Mangal font in "Remington Gail Keyboard Layout" & some wants you to type in "Hindi Inscript Keyboard Layout". So, know which kind of keyboard layout you need to practice in and our site has Hindi Typing Test for both layouts Remington Gail as well as Hindi Inscript.

Why We Use Kruti Dev 010 Font

We use Kruti Dev 010 Font in this Hindi Typing Test because Kruti Dev 010 by default uses Remington Gail and it is very old as well as popular Hindi typing font for those who want to learn Hindi typing in Typewriter Keyboard Layout. So, students who are preparing for the exams in which keyboard layout should be "Remington Gail" Can Practice here easily online on our Hindi Typing Test Tool.

How to Use Online Hindi Typing Test Software on

It’s very easy to use our online Hindi Typing Test Tool one of the India’s Best Hindi Typing Site.

How to Type Hindi Characters

For Example:

To Type ट“ Press “ Shift Key + v ”

To Type अ“ Press “ letter v only ”

To Type “–“ (hyphen) Press “ Shift Key + 7 ”

Some Typing Test Terms

Basic difference between GWPM and NWPM is Gross Words Per Minute shows the Overall Typing Speed of a person including correct and incorrect words and Net Words Per Minute shows typing speed of a person with correct and accurate words in addition it penalizes users for incorrect and wrong words.

Kruti Dev 010 Font Shortcut Codes List

Press "Left ALT Key" First then Use "Right Hand Side Number Pad Keys" To Type these codes below.

Always make sure your "Number Pad Lock Key is ON" before you type these codes on your keyboard. Characters will appear when you release the "Left ALT Key" after pressing the Codes on the Number Pad of your keyboard.



Alt + 013_

Hindi Numbers

Alt + 0146


Alt + 0150


Alt + 0152


Alt + 0153


Alt + 0161

Alt + 0170


Alt + 0182


Alt + 0184


Alt + 0222

Alt + 0223

Alt + 0188


Alt + 0189


Alt + 0190


Alt + 0187


Alt + 0191


Alt + 0192


Alt + 0211


Alt + 0186